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Biological Microtechniques: Sanderson
Biological Microtechniques: Sanderson


Biological Microtechnique, J.B. Sanderson

There have been significant advances in biological specimen preparation for light microscopy in the last 20 years, yet many specimens are still poorly prepared, inevitably leading to unreliable results.

Biological Microtechnique, an easy-to-read practical guide, provides readers with all the knowledge they require to prepare better and more informative slides. The newest and also the well-proven classical methods of slide making are covered, including:

  • Collecting material for specimen preparation
  • Fixation and embedding
  • Microtomy and other preparative methods
  • Staining and dyeing
  • Mounting, finishing and restoring preparations

Biological Microtechnique is essential reading for both professional and amateur microscopists, wether relative novices or experts seeking to extend their repertoire of techniques.



  • Fixation
  • Tissue processing
  • Microtomy
  • Other preparative methods
  • Staining and dyeing
  • Finishing the preparation
  • Appendices:
        Refractive indices